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Welcome to the home page of VictorHagan.net. Here you'll find the Hagan genealogy and related families through marriages. As research progresses these pages will be updated, so check back often! Note the Latest Updates on the lower left.

As family members peruse this site they are welcome to contact me with any questions or corrections for the site. And of course any information, stories, pictures, etc that you would like to share concerning your own or other family lines would be much appreciated.

After collecting photos and data for some years now I thought it about time to start publishing what I've discovered. My intent was to do this once retired. Well that came and went in a short six months. After working for the U.S. Postal Service for 30 years after being discharged from the U.S. Navy, I've gone back to work; this time for NASA. This is where I've wanted to work since a kid watched the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo space programs. Brother Greg (and maybe Bart) will remember my space drawings!

I've attempted to lay out everything in a logical and user friendly manner.  The navigation should be straight forward. Note that information on those still living will be limited to Name, DOB, and photos. If you should not want your photo published, please contact me and I'll remove it. Should a 'generic' photo be shown for you, that means I do not have one, and if you'd like, you can provide it and I'd be happy to include it in your bio.

The merging of families: Victor Hagan and Virginia Grace Van Pool [Olsen], wedding day March 1, 1975

The merging of family lines

Back Row: John Davis, Jeff Davis, Mary Margaret Ellis, Ronnie Ellis, Richard Van Pool, John Bennett, Tim Davis, Ronald Davis, Marilyn Davis
Middle Row: Carol Van Pool, Virginia Grace 'Hagan', Victor Hagan, Evelyn Bennett
Bottom Row: Ricky Van Pool, Tammy Babb, Thomas Van Pool, James Van Pool.