Hagan Family Tree

Along with the Meads, Olsens, and Bennetts

Bennett Line Pedigree

Memories from Ginger Van Pool (Olsen)

My mom and I lived with grandma and grandpa Bennett in Torrance, California when I was a preschooler, as my mom & dad had divorced. He, Carl Olsen, was a sailor in the U.S.Navy.

My mom later married an Army man (later converted over to Navy) and I remained a Navy 'brat' and traveled the world. After returning to the States from Japan, my mom and dad bought a house in Covina, California. In the 1970's my grandfather bought a house in Palmdale California. We would drive from Covina to visit them and she always loved our family visits along with Aunt Maggie, Uncle Ronald, and their families. And on these visits the delicious Italian deli meats and cheeses would come out!
She loved playing Bingo and card games. I remember as she grew older how her face would light up when she put on her red lipstick getting ready to go out.
Grandpa enjoyed football and bowling and talking about his war stories (WW II). His laughter with the sparkle in his eyes would always make me smile.