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Mom at John Bennett's B'day Oct 1991

Mom giving Amber 1st Perm - 1989

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Carol Van Pool's birthday reminder list

Carol with Aiden Jan 2018

Mom's notes on twins birth

James Van Pool - Hawaii - 1968

Tommy Van Pool - 1971

Family Memories of Carol B. Bennett

A few good memories of my mom from a card I gave to her in 2001:

Dear Mom, Thank you for telling me when I was young that God is everywhere and hears my prayers.
Thank you for caring for me while I was sick, whether ear infections or colds, your loving care was there.
Thank you for your thoughtfulness during my teen years; the purchase of white boots, a homemade black velvet outfit for a dance, an Easter candy egg left on my dresser (when I thought I was too old).
Thank you for being there to help me when each of your grandchildren were ready to come into this world.
Thank you for a ready listening ear and encouraging words.
Thank you for making me feel special on this my birthday, year after year. With love, Ginger Hagan (daughter)

When we lived in Mojave Grandma always made homemade tortillas. When I was 6 years old, one of my friends came over and Grandma was showing her how to roll the dough, and I got so jealous. That's MY Grandma! I told her, "You're doing it all wrong. I know how to do it right, I've been making tortillas for years!!" (spoiled voice) Grandma calmly responded, "You look like you've been making tortillas for years with that flour all over your face, girl." She put me in my little place in 5 seconds flat! LOL
Amber Hagan (granddaughter)

It was my birthday and Carol and grandma and I went to the mall. Carol asked me what I wanted and I saw this straight red skirt, - a must have :). Yes, she bought it for me.
Then one day I wanted a hair cut. She got so sick of me saying I wanted a hair cut that she grabbed my ponytail and cut it off. That didn't turn out so well! I was age 13. But later we laughed like crazy.
Then I wanted my ears pierced. She told me to get sone ice, a needle, and string. Turned out great! I was happy.
Carol and Gin lived in the back house. If I wanted slumber parties Carol and Gin would spend the night in my room in the front house. So us girls had a place to ourselves. Sweet! Sometimes we would go to the beach in San Pedro. If my friends needed a ride to the beach, Carol would drive us and come back to give us a ride home. Mary 'Maggie" Justen (sister)

My fondest memory is more recent, going to visit and having good conversations about life with her. Anytime I was upset with someone she would ask who their family was and where they lived... like she was going to go handle it for me. LOL - Very protective and loyal!
April Kell (granddaughter)

I remember when mom and dad would go on vacation and I would go to Video Giant with her. She would always let me rent whatever video games I wanted, including the ones my parents wouldn't let me get. I know we went a couple of different times over the years.
One time I had sprained my ankle but didn't want her to worry about me, because it wasn't serious enough. And I knew she would probably freak out about it and call mom and dad. - LOL. I would sit there and watch tv and she would make popcorn. The summer nights were always fun.
Bret Hagan (grandson)

My favorite story of mom, I hold onto deep in my memories, is when we lived in Covina. I was in elementary school and mom had given me $20 for lunch. She said do not spend it on anything else. Well, I went to school and the lunch lady (Ms. Francise) asked me very loudly and rudely, "Did you steal this?" People were looking at me. Well, I couldn't speak so she said, "I'm calling your parents." So I went to the principals office and mom shows up. I couldn't understand the problem, I just wanted my lunch! I could see through the glass Ms. Francise pointing at me and mom pointing her finger at her with a lot of yelling. The next thing I know we're at the movies watching Waldo Pepper with popcorn and candy. The best day ever! After that the lunch lady was nice to me. Now that's MY mom!
Tom Van Pool (son)

In Hawaii I remember going to the commissary with mom. I saw smoke coming from Ford Island. I was curious as to why, so we drove over and watched the filming of Tora, Tora, Tora. Big day, good memory.
Jim Van Pool (son)

Grandma reading to Max and Aiden

Carol with granddaughters - 1986

Carol with her children - 2001

Carol with Ginger - Ventura CA Carol with grandson Bret - December 1990 Carol with great grandson Sebastian - September 2000 Carol with great grandson Roman Kell - May 2009 Carol Van Pool conversing with Aiden Tannert Carol Van Pool conversing with Conor Tannert Carol Van Pool holding Dominic Hagan