Hagan Family Tree

Along with the Meads, Olsens, and Bennetts

Emidio Debeneditti
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Birth: 12 Mar 1886 Italy
Marriage: Unknown Unknown
Death: 07 Apr 1968 Long Beach, CA
Parent: Emelio Debeneditti
Birth: Unknown Italy
Death: Unknown Italy
Marriage: Unknown Unknown
Father: Debeneditti Unknown
Mother: Unknown Unknown
Parent: Bonmiche
Birth: Unknown Unknown
Death: Unknown Unknown
Marriage: Unknown Unknown
Father: Unknown Unknown
Mother: Unknown Unknown
Spouse: Mary Forigan (Faren)
Birth: 25 Nov 1895 Italy
Death: 05 Dec 1980 Los Angeles, CA
Marriage: Unknown Unknown
Father: Forigan Unknown
Mother: Unknown Unknown
5 Children of Emidio Debeneditti & Mary Forigan
Anna Bennett abt. 1913 OH
Mazzareno Bennett abt. 1915 OH
John Bennett 20 Oct 1917
30 Sep 1999
Martins Ferry, OH
Fontana, CA
Joseph Bennett abt. 1921 OH
Gilbert R. Bennett abt. 1930 OH