Hagan Family Tree

Along with the Meads, Olsens, and Bennetts

Evelyn Farneth holding Kerri Hagan - 1984
Evelyn Virginia Farneth Evelyn Farneth Evelyn Bennett with Carol - 1946 Torrance, CA
Birth: 19 Dec 1912 Logans Ferry, PA
Marriage: 13 Jun 1933
28 May 1937
Brooke, WV
Wellsburg, WV
Death: 28 Jul 1989 Palmdale, CA
Parent: Thomas Ramsden Farneth
Birth: 16 Aug 1888 Logans Ferry, OH
Death: 26 Dec 1968 Los Angeles, CA
Marriage: Unknown Unknown
Father: William Farneth Unknown
Mother: Alice Ramsden Unknown
Parent: Margaret E. Evans [Lewis]
Birth: 22 Feb 1889 Wales
Death: 02 Jul 1958 Los Angeles, CA
Marriage: Unknown Unknown
Father: Evans Unknown
Mother: Unknown Unknown
Spouse 1: Edward Davis
Birth: 1904 Tarentum, PA
Death: Unknown Unknown
Marriage: 13 Jun 1933 Brooke, WV
Father: Davis Unknown
Mother: Unknown Unknown

Spouse 2: John Bennett
Birth: 20 Oct 1917 Martins Ferry, OH
Death: 30 Sep 1999 Fontana, CA
Marriage: 28 May 1937 Wellsburg, WV
Father: Emidio Debeneditti Unknown
Mother: Mary Forigan Unknown
Children of Edward Davis & Evelyn Virginia Farneth
Ronald Eugene Davis 12 Jul 1935
08 Apr 2009
Martins Ferry, OH
Hemet, CA

Children of John Bennett & Evelyn Virginia Farneth
Mary Margaret Bennett 14 Sep 1946 Martins Ferry, OH
Carol Barbara Bennett 10 Jul 1938
17 Mar 2018
Martins Ferry, OH
Lancaster, CA

Farneth Family Photo