Hagan Family Tree

Along with the Meads, Olsens, and Bennetts

Harold Hagan & Helen McCann
Harold Michael Hagan - 1920-25                               
Birth: 23 Dec 1894 Brooklyn, NY
Marriage: 19 Aug 1917 New York, NY
Death: 06 Jul 1968 Bath, NY
Parent: James J. Hagan
Birth: 1862 New York, NY
Death: 14 Apr 1895 Brooklyn, NY
Marriage: 05 Apr 1885 Brooklyn, NY
Father: James Hagan Ireland
Mother: Mary Appleton England
Parent: Nora M. Connell
Birth: Apr 1863 Kentucky
Death: 11 Nov 1922 Brooklyn, NY
Marriage: 05 Apr 1885 Brooklyn, NY
Father: John Connell Unknown
Mother: Johanna Butler Ireland
Spouse: Helen McCann
Birth: 20 May 1896 Brooklyn, NY
Death: 01 Jun 1956 Levittown, NY
Marriage: 19 Aug 1917 New York, NY
Father: Francis H. McCann Ireland
Mother: Margaret Cairns Scotland
Children of Harold Hagan & Helen McCann
Joan Helen Hagan 03 Jul 1918
20 Apr 1998
Brooklyn, NY
Levittown, NY
Harry Hagan 19 May 1920
Brooklyn, NY
James Francis Hagan 30 May 1921
15 Aug 2000
Brooklyn, NY
Queens, NY
Bartholomew 'Gally' Hagan 14 Jun 1922
27 Sep 1989
Brooklyn, NY
Joseph Hagan 1924 Brooklyn, NY
Francis Hagan 1929 Brooklyn, NY

Harold was the sixth of six children born to James J. Hagan and Nora M. Connell.

Harold Hagan received his Draft Registration Card (Card number 2577) on June 5, 1917 at the age of 22.
According to the New York Abstract of National Guard Service in WWI, Harold M. Hagan was drafted into the Army on July 25, 1917 and reported for duty a month later on August 25, 1917. He served overseas from June 7, 1918 through March 7, 1919 He was wounded in action, though the type of injury is not recorded.
Note his date of marriage was August 19, 1917!
Harold worked as a clerk for DeCoppet & Doremus, a New York Stock Exchange firm and later as a New York City policeman who patrolled in Harlem (as told by James Francis David Hagan).