Hagan Family Tree

Along with the Meads, Olsens, and Bennetts

James Hagan & Siblings and Hagan kids Easter May 1962
James Francis David Hagan and Desse Hagan 1942 James Francis David Hagan & Desse Hagan James Francis David Hagan
Birth: 30 May 1921 Brooklyn, NY
Marriage: 21 Aug 1942 New York, NY
Death: 17 Aug 2000 Queens, NY
Parent: Harold Michael Hagan
Birth: 23 Dec 1894 Brooklyn, NY
Death: 06 Jul 1968 Bath, NY
Marriage: 1917 New York, NY
Father: James J. Hagan Brooklyn, NY
Mother: Nora M Connell Louisville, KY
Parent: Helen McCann
Birth: 26 May 1896 Brooklyn, NY
Death: 01 Jun 1956 Levittown, NY
Marriage: 1917 New York, NY
Father: Francis H. McCann Ireland
Mother: Margaret Cairns Scotland
Spouse: Desse Coela Meads
Birth: 18 Aug 1923 Elizabeth City, NC
Death: 19 Feb 1965 Levittown, NY
Marriage: 21 Aug 1942 New York, NY
Father: Malcolm Meads Durants Nelk, NC
Mother: Ruth Lowry Weeksville, NC
8 Children of James Hagan & Desse Meads
Richard Paul Hagan 30 Sep 1943
Brooklyn, NY
Roger James 07 Jan 1949
28 May 2004
Brooklyn, NY
Queens, NY
Desse Hagan 17 Dec 1950
Brooklyn, NY
Victor Hagan 19 Jan 1953
Brooklyn, NY
Gregory Hagan 21 Mar 1955
Levittown, NY
Camille Hagan 16 Jun 1958
21 Aug 1967
Levittown, NY
Levittown, NY
Bartholomew Hagan 12 Apr 1960
Levittown, NY
Geoffrey Adam Hagan 20 Jan 1962
Levittown, NY
James & Desse Hagan and family James Hagan & sons - minus Adam - 30 Apr 1994 NY

James Francis David Hagan was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York along with his 5 siblings.

He met his future wife - Desse Meads - at an Automat (Automated Restaurant) in New York City

James (Jim) worked for the Holmes Electric Protective Company and received a pension upon retirement. He worked on installing alarm systems and cameras in banks around the city.