Hagan Family Tree

Along with the Meads, Olsens, and Bennetts

Victor Hagan - summer 1954 Greg & Victor Hagan - 1963 Victor Hagan - 1971 Victor Hagan - 1974 Victor & Ginger Hagan Wedding Day March 1, 1975 Victor Hagan - Presented with Sailor of the Year Award - 1978 Victor Hagan & daughters - 1988 Victor Hagan & Family with Ginger's Mom Victor & Ginger Hagan with son Bret 2007
Birth: 19 Jan 1953 Brooklyn, NY
Marriage: 01 Mar 1975 Covina, CA

Parent: James Francis David Hagan
Birth: 30 May 1921 Brooklyn, NY
Death: 17 Aug 2000 Queens, NY
Marriage: 21 Aug 1942 New York, NY
Father: Harold Michael Hagan Brooklyn, NY
Mother: Helen McCann Brooklyn, NY
Parent: Desse Meads
Birth: 18 Aug 1923 Elizabeth City, NC
Death: 19 Feb 1965 Levittown, NY
Marriage: 21 Aug 1942 New York, NY
Father: Malcolm Parton Meads
Mother: Ruth Lowry
Spouse: Virginia Grace Olsen (Abbott)
Birth: 13 Jan 1957 Coronado, CA
Marriage: 01 Mar 1975 Covina, CA
Father: Carl William Olsen Long Beach, CA
Mother: Carol Barbara Bennett Matins Ferry, OH
Children of Victor Hagan & Virginia Grace Olsen
Amber Janine Hagan 23 Aug 1979 Ventura, CA
April Dawn Hagan 02 Oct 1983 Ventura, CA
Kerri Kristen Hagan 02 Oct 1983 Ventura, CA
Bret Hagan 13 Feb 1989 Lancaster, CA

Born at home in Brooklyn, New York. The doctor came three flights up when my mom was expecting and Richard (age 10) wouldn't let him in. He ended up climbing the fire escape and came in through the window!
I joined the U.S. Navy on my eighteenth birthday and served for 8 years. I met my beautiful wife (of 43 years - 2018) while I served with her dad. I now know why he invited me home to meet his family!
After being discharged, I went to work for the U.S. Postal Service. Retiring after 30 years in 2009 I now work for NASA.