Hagan Family Tree

Along with the Meads, Olsens, and Bennetts

Olsen Line Pedigree

Memories from Cindy Stafford (Olsen)

Didn't see them (Grandma & Grandpa Olsen) much when I was little as they both worked. Grandma did hair for a living and grandpa worked for a insurance company until he retired . I remember when I was 4 that I spent the day over there and grandma and I played on her piano. She showed me how to play chop sticks on it. The next time I got to go over there I must have been 5 and grandpa was home that time so it must have been the weekend. They took me sight seeing, then we went back to their house and grandma baked cookies and made gram crackers with frosting on them for me. I didn't see them again until I was in 5th grade. I stayed with Aunt Deanna for the school year and grandma kept her kids everyday while she worked. Grandma was the sweetest lady as she always had after school snacks made for us. I remember one time Aunt Deanna wanted my hair curled so grandma put a curl in it. Oh man, it looked crazy! Aunt Dee thought I would start acting more like a girl. Well, grandma had to get her straight that I was to much of a tomboy! Then we moved and didn't see them again until I was 17, but we would write to each other. Grandpa was a funny man; you really didn't know whether he was joking or not as he always had a straight face on him so it took me awhile to know when he was. I got to go to Sea World with them and Busch Gardens. I told grandma that they didn't have to spend the money on me. Well, she whispered and said that was the only way she could get grandpa to take her if I was with them because that wasn't for grown ups!! I laughed but you know he enjoyed it too. Then in 1992 grandma came to Washington and stayed with us until she passed.