Hagan Family Tree

Along with the Meads, Olsens, and Bennetts

Carl William Olsen - 2004
Carl William Olsen - age 7 Carl Olsen & Clair (Dad) 1954 1308 Cordory St Torrence, CA Carl Olsen 16+ years - 1st Class Petty Officer EN1
Birth: 28 Jul 1936 Long Beach, CA
Marriage: 29 Jul 1954 Los Angeles, CA
Death: 24 Apr 2013 Livingston, LA

Parent: Clair William Olsen
Birth: 16 Oct 1910 Seattle, WA
Death: 22 Jul 1986 Simi Valley, CA
Marriage: 09 Sep 1934 Long Beach, CA
Father: William Augustus Abbott Phillipsburg, KS
Mother: Flora Maude Widener Scandia, KS
Parent: Bertha Grace Boettler
Birth: 25 Aug 1912 Fredrick, OK
Death: 16 Dec 1992 Colville, WA
Marriage: 09 Sep 1934 Long Beach, CA
Father: Daniel Boone Boettler Chillicothe, MO
Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Flood Nocona, TX
Spouse 1: Carol Barbara Bennett
Birth: 10 Jul 1938 Martins Ferry, OH
Death: 17 Mar 2018 Lancaster, CA
Marriage: 29 Jul 1954 Los Angeles, CA
Divorce: 27 Dec 1957 Torrance, CA
Father: John Bennett Martins Ferry, OH
Mother: Evelyn Farneth Logans Ferry, PA

Spouse 2: Helen Louise * Hagan
Birth: 26 Dec 1934 LA
Death: LA
Marriage: 20 Feb 1959 San Diego, CA
Father: Thomas J. Hagan LA
Mother: Helen R. Sullivan LA
Carl & Helen Olsen - April 1969
Children of Carl Olsen & Carol Bennett
Virginia Grace Olsen (Abbott) 13 Jan 1957 Coronado, CA
Carl William Olsen & Barbara Bennett on wedding day 29 July 1954, Long Beach, CA

Children of Carl Olsen & Helen Hagan
Cynthia Wanda Olsen 24 Aug 1959

Cindy Olsen
Children of Helen Hagan
Karen Nell 22 Aug 1952
Vera Inez 01 Jul 1954
Patricia Elaine 22 Aug 1955

* An interesting coincidence!?: Ginger and I discovered upon visiting Carl, while he lived north of Walla Walla Washington (1992), that he had remarried to a Helen Louise Hagan (born in St. Helena, LA). I'm still searching to see if she is a relation!!